Riedel Artist 64 G2, Intercom Matrix

Contact us 25/08/2021 403

Artist 64 G2 mainframe populated with the following options.

2 x CPU-128S G2 set

2 x PSU-064 G2

2 x AIO-108G2 set

1 x AES-108 G2 set

2 x CAT5-108 G2 set

1 x ART-Z-ASM G2 set

This frame has only been used in a studio and kept in a temperature controlled environment.

In good working order and cosmetic condition.

Also available:

5 x RCP-2116P4

2 x ECP-2016

1 x DCP-2016P4

6 x Gooseneck microphones. The gooseneck microphones are in good condition, however, some of the foam shields require replacements.

Matrix can be supplied with or without panels.

Matrix, panels and microphones in stock.

Please contact us for pricing.