Riedel Panels and Cards, Package of Riedel comms panels and cards.

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Package of Riedel panels and cards.


3 x ECP-1116 OLED 19in 1U panel

6 x RCP-1128 OLED 19in 2U panel

13 x RCP-1012 E/O 19in 1U panel

5 x RCP-1028 E/O 19in 2U panel


5 x COAX-108 G2 set

1 x CAT5-108 G2 set

1 x AES-108 G2 set

1 x AES-108 G2 FC

2 x Connect Trio

In very good working order and cosmetic condition.

All panels and cards have been checked/refurbished by Riedel and are now available for immediate shipping. Most of the OLED panels have been replaced, as have the buttons on most of the 2U panels. Over 10,000 Euros spent on the check/overhaul. Please contact us for more details. Please note: No gooseneck mics are included.

More pictures available of all the panels and cards.

Prices quoted exclude packaging, shipping, insurance, VAT and local taxes.