Riedel Various, Package of Riedel panels

Contact us 06/08/2020 182

All panels checked and by Riedel. Works also included new buttons and new OLED display panels fitted to this units which required replacement. All panels in good working order and cosmetic condition.

3 x ECP-1116 OLED 19in 1U panel

6 x RCP-1128 OLED 19in 2U panel

5 x RCP-1012 E/O 19in 1U panel

1 x RCP-1028 E/O 19in 2U panel

2 x Connect Trio

4 x COAX-108 G2 set

1 x AS-108 G2 set

1 x AS-108 FC

No gooseneck mics included.

Images shown are of the actual units for sale and we also have images of every single panel.

We are looking to sell as a complete package, but will consider smaller packages.

Prices quoted exclude packaging, shipping, insurance, VAT and local taxes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.