Vision Research Phantom Flex 4K, Hi-Speed Camera Kit

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The Phantom Flex4K produces highly detailed 4K imaging at 1,000 fps. The CineMag recording media enhances workflow capabilities. The Flex4K has been designed specifically for professional cinema applications.

  • 938 fps at 4096 x 2304
  • Super 35mm Color Sensor:
    • ISO 250
    • Rec. EI 800 - 1000
  • 64GB or 128 GB RAM
Kit Includes:

Phantom Flex 4k Camera 128 GB Color

Cinestation IV


Zacuto Gratical Eye viewfinder

Phantom VRI-Powersupply-280W-2010

V-Lock Mount for Flex 4k

4x IDX Endura CUE-D150 (146Wh Li-Ion V-lock batteries)

IDX VL-2S PLUS charger for Li-Ion batteries

Promise Sanlink2 10G Base

Bridgeplate riser

PL Mount

Canon EF EOS Mount

Power cable

Trigger cable

Ethernet cable

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